Bizi Takip Edin:

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We produce advertisements to increase the value and sales of your brand by using traditional advertising channels but also invent new methods and means.

  • Where a product or service stands in the marketplace (customer perception, market share)
  • Identify the Primary and secondary target audiences for a product or service
  • Which media channels (print, broadcast, online, etc.) will likely reach those target audiences
  • Markets that should be targeted with various media and how much should be spent on such efforts in each market
  • Brand communication strategy and roadmap
  • Specific selling points that will be emphasized in ads
  • How well ad copy/content tested before fully launching a campaign
  • How effective a campaign was after it was launched (post-analysis)
  • Integrated marketing and advertising
  • Branding ve Re-branding
  • For us if we are adding to the awareness of the brand or increasing its value then we call it advertisement. This could mean a new channel to reach customers, a new display or packaging, a innovative digital idea, outdoor event or indoors…